Canal du Midi

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  • Author: Breil
  • Publisher: Editions du Breil
  • EAN/ISBN: 9782913120327
  • Scale: 1:50,000
  • Sheet Reference: 07
  • Size: 21x30cm
  • Binding: Paperback
Canal du Midi in a series of guides to France’s navigable rivers and canals from Editions du Breil, providing mapping of the waterways with better presentation of the surrounding countryside, including street plans of main towns along the routes.

PLEASE NOTE: coverage in this guide starts in Toulouse at the junction with the Canal de Garonne and does not, therefore, include the Gironde and the upper Garonne. The guide continues along the Canal du Midi to Agde, and then along the Etang de Thau and Cana du Rhône à Sète to Beaucaire. Additional plates cover the spur to the coast via Narbonne, plus both branches of the Rhône delta.

The maps present the waterways with locks, mooring places, etc. and the surrounding localities annotated with symbols indicating various facilities and places of interest. Most map panels cover a full page, enabling the publishers to provide better coverage of the surrounding countryside, showing more local towns and villages plus the connecting roads. The guides also include better street plans of selected larger towns, indicating main sights, etc.

Navigating instructions or tips and information about various facilities or places of interest are usually located on a page opposite to the map of the route. The guides also contain general information on rules and regulations for navigating along France’s inland waterways, plus examples of signs and signals.

All of the text, explanations and the map legend are in French, English and German.
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