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This Game of Ghosts

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Publisher Report: In Print

  • Author: Joe Simpson
  • Publisher: Vintage
  • EAN/ISBN: 9780099380115
  • Size: 13x20cm
  • Binding: Paperback
Touching the Void was Joe Simpson's account of his near fatal accident on Peru's Siula Grande. He never expected to be in the same situation again. However fate had other ideas and later in the Himalayas another near fatal fall forced him to again examine why he should be so lucky when so many of his climbing friends and colleagues are not. This Game of Ghosts is the sequel to Touching the Void, and continues Joe simpson's examination of his own psyche and also the motivations of climbers in general.

This is a remarkable book by a remarkably lucky individual, a homage to a breed of men and women who to the rest of us appear to be touched by lunacy, but who are forever questing, forever valiant - Sunday Express

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    I think the book is very good for inspiring and gnviig some very broad tips, but I was hoping to find more specific how-tos. He keeps referring to ways to live on almost nothing, but never really spells it out. Instead, he just mentions people who have done it. Otherwise, though, it's a good inspirational book about vagabonding, and it's a quick read. But if you're looking for concrete do this to survive in India on $5 a day you won't find it here.
    25 July 2012
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