Julian Alps - Kamnik Alps

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  • Publisher: KOMPASS-Verlag
  • EAN/ISBN: 9783850261340
  • Scale: 1:75,000
  • Sheet Reference: 2801
  • Size Folded: 11x18.5cm
  • Size: 110x70cm
  • Binding: Folded Map
Julian and Kamnik (Steiner) Alps in a series of GPS compatible, double-sided recreational maps at 1:75,000 from Kompass covering Northern Slovenia and the country’s coast, with hiking and cycling routes plus extensive tourist information.

Cartography, different in style to that used in Kompass’s extensive hiking series covering other parts of Europe, has contours at 20m intervals, although faint colouring means that effectively only main countours at 100m are visible, and even those are sometimes not easy to see. The maps also have relief shading, plus plenty of spot heights and names of peaks and mountain ranges.

An overprint highlights hiking routes, indicating difficult sections and showing, where appropriate, the numbers of the trans-European and Slovenian long-distance hiking routes. Also marked are cycling routes and a very wide range of symbols highlight places of interest, different types of accommodation including campsites and agritourism farms, sport and recreational facilities, etc. Road network indicates locations of petrol stations. Railways are shown with stations and different types of mountain lines (cable cars, chair lists, etc.) are marked. The maps have latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 2°30’. Map legend, conveniently placed on both sides of each map, includes English.

Somewhat old-fashioned style of cartography, with a variety of type faces and extensive use of italics will appeal to all those who like their maps “as they used to be”!
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