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Andalucia Handbook - 7th ed.

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  • Author: Andy Symington
  • Publisher: Footprint
  • EAN/ISBN: 9781907263583
  • Size: 12x19cm
  • Binding: Hardback
Andalucia in the Handbooks series from Footprint; comprehensive and leading guides designed and written for independent travellers who enjoy exploring off the beaten track. Footprint guides have an established reputation, built up since 1921, for catering for more adventurous and individual travellers. An unrestrictive editorial style also gives authors the freedom to capture and explore local cultures, sights and areas that are often not covered in other guides.

Widely recognised for their reliability and independent writing style, Footprint guides all have the same layout. Introductory sections introduce the reader to the destination, with chapters on planning on your trip and essentials, including practical information and guidance on subjects such as when and where to go, itineraries, sport and activities, arts, getting there and around, eating and drinks, sleeping and a dedicated section on the anticipated carbon footprint involved in travelling to the destination.

Each guide is organised geographically by region or country, with individual sections having a particular focus on an extensive range of sights and places of interest. Further, there are also details of accommodation, nightlife, restaurants and any notable local activities. Information boxes throughout the text give readers an insight into local customs, stories and sights of particular interest.

A ‘Background’ section explores the history, economy, government, education, culture, people, land and environment of the destination in significant depth. There is also a ‘Footnotes’ chapter with a basic language guide for travellers and information about the author. A useful distance chart tailored to the destination is also included in the inside back cover.
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