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Bangkok Pocket Guide - 2nd ed.

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  • Publisher: Berlitz
  • EAN/ISBN: 9789812686947
  • Size: 10x15cm
  • Binding: Paperback Mini
Bangkok in the Pocket Guide series from Berlitz; a collection of handy, pocket-sized guides dedicated to an extensive range of cities, regions and countries worldwide. Written in narrative form, individual guides explore the history, main sights and attractions, food and drink, accommodation and local culture of the destination in detail.

Each Berlitz pocket guide has a similar format, with colour-coded sections helping readers locate information quickly in addition to distinctive chapters exploring the city or region. An introduction outlines the destination for visitors and a section dedicated to 'A Brief History' actually explores the area in relative depth. A where to go chapter is organized by region and city and is written in prose form with references to individual sites highlighted in bold for clarity. There are also further suggestions on where and when to eat.

Recommendations for leisure activities in the region, including sport, nightlife and shopping, are also provided and tailored accordingly for each destination. Handy travel tips are listed alphabetically in a dedicated section, providing practical guidance and helping visitors make the most of their stay. The main hotels, particularly for cities, are also listed in an accommodation section, offering a brief overview with approximate price bandings and relevant contact details.
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