Simen Mountains Trekking Map

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  • Publisher: University of Berne
  • EAN/ISBN: XL00000045453
  • Scale: 1:100,000
  • Size: 93x42cm
  • Binding: Folded Map
Simen Mountains National Park at 1:100,000 on a revised, 2010 edition map from the University of Berne, showing the new park boundaries, with route profiles and descriptions, plus extensive tourist information on the reverse.

The map has contours at 100m intervals, enhanced by relief shading, plus colouring to show forests, bush or scattered trees, and cultivated land. Roads are shows as all-weather or dry-weather only, and tracks distinguish between major and local routes.

The boundary of the national park is clearly marked and within it trails are shown as either suitable for riding or routes for hiking passable with pack animals. Symbols mark locations of tourist lodges, camping grounds and viewpoints, as well as locations with noteworthy populations of Walya ibexes, Simen Foxes and Gelada baboons. Latitude and longitude margin ticks are at 5' intervals.

On the reverse are:

A more general map at 1:2,000,000 showing a wider region around the mountains, including road access to Debark from Gonder and Bahr Dar.

Descriptions and profiles of three trekking routes, including a trek to Ethiopia’s highest mountain, Ras Dejen.

Notes about the parks and its flora and fauna, illustrated with photos.

General advice on preparation, equipments, permits, code of conducts, etc.

Map legend and all the text are in English.

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