Alberta - British Columbia (CCC map)

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  • Author: Rand McNally
  • Publisher: MapArt / Canadian Cartographics Corporation / JDM Géo Inc
  • EAN/ISBN: 9781553683056
  • Scale: 1:2,000,000
  • Size Folded: 10x24cm
  • Size: 100x69cm
  • Binding: Folded Map
Alberta and British Columbia in a series of indexed road maps of Canadian provinces with enlargements for more densely populated areas and street plans, published by the MapArt / Canadian Cartographics Corporation / JDM Géo Inc. cartographic group. This title is now available in the Canadian Cartographics Corporation imprint.

The two provinces are presented together on one side of the map. Road network includes unpaved local roads and reasonal routes. Driving distances are given on many local roads. Ferry connections and local airports are marked. National parks or other protected areas are highlighted and symbols indicate campgrounds, historic sights, main recreational areas, etc. Topographic information is provided by peak heights, rivers and lakes. The map is indexed and has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 1°.

On the reverse is a map at 1:6,500,000 of Yukon and Northwest Territories, a distance table plus the following enlargements:

general plans of Vancouver with North Vancouver 1:100,000), Calgary (1:110,000), Edmonton (1:125,000), plus Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler, Banff, Kelowna, Kamloops, Lethbridge, Red Deer, (1:60,000), all at 1:60,000

Fraser Valley at 1:250,000 and the Saanich Peninsula at 1:170,000

Please note: following a number of changes among Canadian cartographic publishers maps previously published by MapArt Publishing may now be available under one of the following imprints: MapArt, Canadian Cartographics Corporation or JDM Géo Inc. Within a series, therefore, some titles may still be published as MapArt whilst others will be available as Canadian Cartographics Corporation or JDM Géo Inc.
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