Turkey Road Atlas

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  • Publisher: Mepmedya Yayinlari
  • EAN/ISBN: 9789759137311
  • Scale: 1:400,000
  • Size: 17x28cm
  • Binding: Paperback
Turkey Road Atlas at 1:400,000 from Mepmedya is an indexed road atlas and guide to the country, with a distance chart, approach maps for Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, and street plans for major cities. Legend in Turkish, English and German.

Motorways, secondary roads and many minor roads are shown, as are railway lines and stations, airports, ferry routes and major harbours. Mountain passes are displayed alongside an indication of their altitude. Mapping in the border areas of neighbouring countries is restricted to major roads and railways, and main towns and cities. Border crossing points are shown.

Provinces are delineated and each is given a background colour to make it stand out against neighbouring provinces. Provincial capitals, major towns, and many smaller towns and villages are marked, with an indication of their administrative importance.

Relief shading defines the terrain, mountain ranges are named and spot heights are shown for major peaks. The main lakes, rivers and dams of the country are marked and named, and waterfalls, caves and springs are also displayed.

The mapping is annotated with numerous places of interest. These range from ancient ruins, castles and historic sites, places of worship, caravanserai and Turkish baths, to national parks, ski centres and marinas.


Enlarged approach maps for Istanbul (1:140,000) and Ankara (1:112,000), Izmir (1:62,000), showing districts, suburbs, main approaches by road and rail, and ferry transport (where relevant).

Street plans for Istanbul (European side) (at 1:17,500), Ankara (1:27,000), Izmir (1:17,000), Antalya (1:25,000), Alanya (1:17,000), Kemer (1:9,000), Side (1:10,000), Belek (1:46,000), Selcuk (1:10,000), Kusadasi (1:10,000), Didim (1:15,000), Cesme (1:9,000), Fethiye (1:20,000), Datca (1:6,000), Bodrum (1:9,000) and Marmaris (1:10,000). These show main streets and districts, railway lines and stations, and many places of interest such as monuments and beaches.

A map of Turkey showing provinces, followed by over 40 pages of tourist information for provinces, such as: surface area, population, airports, stations, important telephone numbers, places of interest, national parks, beaches, museums, places of worship, Turkish baths, etc. (text only in Turkish, but legend also in English and German).

A chart showing distances between major towns and cities.

Speed limits for different types of vehicle.

Telephone numbers for vehicle assistance.

Conventional traffic signs (with descriptions only in Turkish).

A large index lists: major towns and cities, and many villages; historic and tourist sites; and geographical names such as lakes, rivers, mountains, etc.

Legend and index in Turkish, English and German. The Turkish title is Adim Adim Turkiye (Turkey Step by Step) .
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