Hardangervidda East*

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  • Publisher: Nordeca AS
  • EAN/ISBN: 7046660025567
  • Scale: 1:100,000
  • Sheet Reference: 2556
  • Size Folded: 12x23cm
  • Size: 92x69cm
  • Binding: Folded Map
Hardangervidda East area in Norway in a series of GPS compatible recreational maps at 1:100,000 with cartography from Norway’s topographic survey and additional tourist information. Contours lines are drawn at 20m intervals. The overprint varies from title to title, but includes local footpaths, in some cases distinguishing between easy and more difficult trails, as well as mountain huts and campsites. Many titles also indicate cycle or ski routes, other accommodation possibilities, sport and recreational facilities, including alpine skiing slopes, places of interest, etc. The maps have a UTM grid and margin ticks giving latitude and longitude. Map legend includes English. Several titles have on the reverse additional tourist information, although in most cases in Norwegian only.

This title is also available as a set of two maps which includes the Hardangervidda West map.

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- This is one of four series of Turkart maps shown on our website. Titles at 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and sets of two or more maps sold together are listed separately, so that each title can be more easily identified on the accompanying grids.

- Titles at 1:100,000 annotated with an asterisk are also available as a set of two or more maps sold together and are listed in the “Norway: Turkart Topographic Hiking Sets” series.

- Norway’s national survey organization, Statens Kartverk, became part of the Ugland IT Group which on 1.2.2011 changed its name to Nordeca AS.
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