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Unlock the real benefits of OS Mastermap through our brand new Geographical Information System (GIS):

  • web-based
  • no software or plug-ins required
  • secure user log in access
  • annual license allowing unlimited views of the mapping and imagery layers
  • free attribute tables

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Stanfords offer 3 distinctive online services:

Stanfords Portal

Stanfords Portal – download maps/data online through our Planning Portal accredited site.


GIS Platform

Stanfords GIS  for property asset management. Acts as a hosting service for your own datasets or a delivery tool for your own services.



beforeUdig  for customers requiring an efficient and inexpensive utilities search service. Available now online through Stanfords Portal. 



Whilst product information can be found on the relevant product page, we have created a separate Userguides page to support all our Stanfords Portal self-serve customers. If you require telephone support please contact our Service Centre on 0845 880 3730 between 9.00 a.m and 6 p.m monday to friday.

OS Mastermap GIS

OS Mastermap GIS

Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap contains more than 450 million uniquely identified geographic features, representing real world information down to individual address and street and building level. The data is validated by over 300 surveyors to published quality standards, so customers know they are using nationally consistent information.


Stanfords have taken OS Mastermap Topography Layer, combined it with OS Address Layer and converted the product into a raster (image) layer for use in our new Geographical Information System (GIS). This enables customers to view their portfolio in large-scale (showing building footprints/site boundaries e.t.c) and fix attributes such as rent arrears/ gas checks/ photographs/ site plans e.t.c to the mapping information. Our GIS customers will soon also be able to export OS Mastermap from the system as vector data in dxf or dwg format. This can then be used as base mapping in CAD or Vectorworks or interrogated in a software package such as ArcGIS. This gives users an extremely flexible large-scale map product but the main virtue of our system is that the data produced from CAD or ArcGIS can then be uploaded back into our GIS and viewed as a new layer.

Our GIS is web-based and is therefore extremely easy to set up and roll out across an organisation. It also means that there is no maintenance required and no software taking up vital room on your own server(s). We are able to set up new customers on a free trial site for a week.

GIS Standard products (other datasets can be added)

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