Croatia Walking

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  • Author: Rudolf Abraham
  • Publisher: Cicerone Press
  • EAN/ISBN: 9781852846145
  • Size: 12x17cm
  • Binding: Paperback
Rudolf Abraham’s Cicerone guide to Walking in Croatia is a comprehensive selection of walks in one of Europe’s increasingly popular walking destinations. Rising suddenly and spectacularly beyond the narrow ribbon of coastal cities and rocky beaches, the mountains of Croatia have much to recommend them as a walking destination. Ranging from gently sloping, forested hills to rugged tops and limestone crags, and reaching their most grandiose in the massifs collectively known as the Dinaric Alps, Croatia’s mountains offer the walker a landscape of magnificent grandeur in which to roam and explore.

The guide is organized in eight sections, including Around Zagreb, Istria, The Dinaric Alps and the Islands with 26 walks offered in total. Various walks are also split into sections, offering three of four day’s walking at a time. It also caters for walkers of differing abilities, from easy day trips on islands in the Adriatic to extended itineraries across the country’s jagged mountain chains. An extensive introduction offers information on history and language, detailed background information and appendices giving details of mountain huts and shelters. Detailed route descriptions- including warning passages on areas that may still be mined - are accompanied by colour diagrams mapping the route as well as colour photographs which illustrate some of the highlights of this attractive country.

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