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  • Author: Gabriele Handl
  • Publisher: Rother Bergverlag
  • EAN/ISBN: 9783763348022
  • Size: 12x17cm
  • Binding: Paperback Mini
The Rother Walking Guide to Iceland leads the reader along 49 selected, safe and reliably-described trails to the natural splendours of Iceland which are only accessible to hikers.

In the introductory chapters, as well as in the presentation of the regions, the authors prepare the hiker in a safe and knowledgeable manner for the distinctive features of Europe's northernmost country. Each of the 49 hike recommendations is accompanied by an original map excerpt from the Iceland Geodetic Institute (at 1:50,000 or 1:100,000 scale), in which the course of the routes is marked in colour.

Included are descriptions of short, impressive walks, as well as recommendations for trips lasting several days and tips for ski activities. The selection of hiking destinations is primarily concentrated on the national parks, which, on the one hand, comprise the most impressive natural landscapes, and on the other, due to their sufficient infrastructure and favourable accessibility along coastal roads, provide the major prerequisites for independent excursions.

About this series:

Rother Walking Guides were first published in 1920- since then Bergverlag Rother have continued to produce these comprehensive guides to “the finest valley and mountain walks”.

Each book has a detailed description of walks, small walking maps and many tips on combining the walks, places of interest, accommodation and public transport; the guides are all in full colour with varying scales and types of cartography - the walks themselves vary from day-long hikes to mountain and valley walks, with varying levels of ease and difficulty indicated.
Small enough to fit in your pocket, comprehensive enough to take you everywhere; the books are printed in paperback but with a polytex-laminated cover, making them extremely durable too.
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