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Publisher Report: In Print

  • Publisher: Mepmedya Yayinlari
  • EAN/ISBN: 9789759137335
  • Scale: 1:7,750
  • Size Folded: 11x18cm
  • Size: 100x33cm
  • Binding: Folded Map
Edirne at 1:7,750 from Mepmedya is an indexed, double-sided street map of the historic city formerly known as Hadrianopolis. Shows main roads, streets and many places of interest. Map legend also in English.

Main roads and streets are named and/or numbered; and many more streets are shown but not named. Railway lines are displayed and local bus stations and car parks are marked.

Local districts are named and demarcated, many places of interest are annotated on the map. These include: hotels, shops, museums, historic sites and religious buildings; consulates, emergency services, libraries and university buildings; and parks, sports and entertainment venues.

The map coverage appears on two side of the sheet, with a north-south split far south of the historic centre (slight overlap).

An index on the map lists streetnames and a small inset shows the location of the city within Edirne Province.
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