50 Miles Around London Wall Map ENCAPSULATED

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  • Publisher: Geographers' A-Z Map Company
  • EAN/ISBN: X185961
  • Scale: 1:221.760 / 3.5 miles to 1"
  • Sheet Reference: 3E
  • Size: 117x91cm
  • Binding: Flat Map XL
50 miles around London wall map, encapsulated version, at 3.5 miles to 1” (1:221,760) on an indexed wall map in a regional series from A-Z with clear presentation of the road network, some topographic information, places of interest, etc.

The publisher’s cartography, also used in their 5 miles to 1” series, is enlarged here to make local roads more prominent and provides all the standard motoring information: services, primary route destinations, toll barriers, gradients, etc. Railway lines are shown with stations. Topography is shown by altitude tints, if in rather broad bands, with additional spot heights (all in feet), plus colouring for woodlands. A range of symbols highlight various places of interest. The map shows the British national grid lines for GPS users. Current edition of this title was published in 2012.

This title is also available on paper or as a folded map.


- laminated wall maps have a thin layer of plastic usually applied to the printed side only. They can be written on with suitable marker pens without any damage to the map but, unless laminated on both sides, they are not damp-proof.

- encapsulated wall maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic. They are more rigid and heavier than laminated maps of the same size. They are damp-proof and do not crinkle in humid conditions. Encapsulation gives the map a shiny surface, similar to being displayed behind glass.

- please note: many publishers and retailers often use these two terms interchangeably. Our map titles and descriptions follow the definitions provided above.
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