Bird Bingo Game

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  • Author: Berrie, Christine
  • Publisher: Laurence King
  • EAN/ISBN: 9781856699174
  • Size: 26x23.5x6.5cm
  • Binding: Miscellaneous
The Bird Bingo by Laurence King is a bingo game with a twist or rather … birds! This colourful and educational game, featuring 64 species of birds, is fun.

Learn about the names, feathering and beak of different birds worldwide, from the Scarlet Ibis to the Shoebill and the Rhinoceros Hornbill.

Just like in a bingo game, one player draws one tile at a time and calls out a bird that the other player need to mark off their card. Who gets all the birds on the card called wins.

The Bird Bingo is also beautifully made and every detail carefully thought out. The sturdy hard pressed board is lined with a white canvas, coated with sealant to give a semi glossy finish. The board, bingo cards and tiles are illustrated by Christine Berrie. Her vivid, detailed and colourful images complement and enhance the beauty and quality of this game.

The pack contains 64 bird tiles (4.5cmx4.5cm each) stored in a cotton pouch featuring red birds’ silhouettes, one foldable board (43x50cm when open), 12 bingo cards (21.5x21.5 cm) and markers for covering the selected birds.

The instructions leaflet features a small description and basic information for each species in the game.

This is an exciting game the whole family will enjoy playing and have fun making up new bingo phrases. No. 25 Duck and dive could become Atlantic Puffin…. A mighty muffin!

Have fun. This is a treat for anyone who likes birds, wants to learn more about them or enjoys bingo.

Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.
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