Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, The Walker's Haute Route

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  • Author: Alexander Stewart
  • Publisher: Trailblazer Publications
  • EAN/ISBN: 9781905864089
  • Size: 12x18cm
  • Binding: Paperback
This guide is highly recommended by Stanfords as the leading authority on the Alps Haute route

The Walker's haute Route - Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn in Trailblazer’s Trekking Guide series; highly practical, informative and portable guides designed with the adventurous hiker and trekker in mind, and produced by one of the leading outdoor guide-book publishers. Each title in the series explores a range of popular trekking routes in some of the world’s most challenging terrain, encompassing areas such as the Alps, Atlas Mountains, Himalaya and New Zealand. Designed with practicality in mind, each guide describes the entire trekking route in clearly defined stages, allowing trekkers to plan their route accordingly.

Strong on both practical content and cultural and historical background, Trailblazer Guides include extensive commentary on sites along the way, including town guides and maps where relevant, in addition to cultural and social background, as trekkers hike through the landscape. Additionally, there are detailed descriptions of camping and accommodation facilities and places to eat and drink en route, as well as boxed insets exploring a local tradition or custom. Detailed, large-scale trekking maps are included in each title – a unique feature of Trailblazer guides – which include important information on walking times, directions, tricky junctions, places to stay and eat and general points of interest.

The guides are arranged in 4 main sections – Planning Your Trip, a country or region fact-file, Minimum Impact Trekking and Route Guides and Maps, and there are also mini village, town and city guides where appropriate. There is detailed advice and guidance on the route itself, practical information for the walker, budgeting, when to go, itineraries, what to take and getting to and from the route. Additionally, informative sections on the environment, flora and fauna and walking safety seek to improve walkers’ experiences of the routes and get the most from their trip. A Minimum Impact Trekking section also informs readers of the economic, environmental and cultural impact of walking. Appendices give information on local language, health issues and a brief glossary of trekking terminology.
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