SplashMaps - Waterproof Wearable Maps for Outdoor Adventures

Series from £17.99

Publisher: SplashMaps Ltd
ISBN/EAN: SI00001343
Scale: 1:40,000
Product Type: Folded Map
The SplashMaps - Waterproof Wearable Maps for Outdoor Adventures feature a series of maps printed on waterproof polyester fabric, including map data from Ordnance Survey and OpenStreetMap, and the National Grid.

The maps designed for mountain bikers, walkers and riders, come with a cloth pouch and a non permanent marker, one can use to trace a particular route. The marker will easily come off when the map is washed.

Map details include contours at 60m intervals, and colouring distinguishing build up areas and woodlands; contours and spot heights render the terrain and rivers and tidal waters are identified. Walking and riding paths and tracks, free and restricted byway and bridle paths are all clearly marked as well as boundaries of national parks. Symbols locate the SplashMaps’ signature pubs, car parks, churches and camping sites. The maps also show motorways, primary and A roads, minor and secondary roads and local streets, railway tracks and stations.

These are waterproof maps, easy to carry and easy to fold, can be worn as a scarves or crammed in a pocket. Beautifully made, the SplashMaps are also original gifts to bring back from your adventures in the outdoor!
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