An Adventure in Bolivia's Salt and Sand Deserts

by eal-admin 23. January 2013 16:02

Rachel Ricks UyuniRachel Ricks travels to south-west Bolivia to take in Salar de Uyuni - at 4,086 sq mi, the world's largest salt flat.

I strode out into the abyss of white. The ground was snow white as far as the eye could see in every direction. Silhouettes of mountains hovered in the far horizons, but otherwise nothing interrupted the white. I kept walking until the last voice of a tourist had faded out. I sat down on the ground and stared out across the salt flats of Uyuni. Then the silence hit my ears so hard they began to ring. I picked up a pinch of salt and let it crumble through my fingers. I could hear every grain hit the ground.

This surreal and stunning experience was just the More...

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I think I fell in love with Bolivia

by Jo 1. November 2005 17:38

BoliviaI think I fell in love with Bolivia as I watched the bus I'd been travelling on from Peru being ferried across Lake Titicaca on what amounted to a glorified raft. Bolivia's landscape may initially appear harsh and its people stand-offish, but a scratch beneath the surface soon reveals these impressions untrue and this landlocked Andean country inevitably weaves its spell.

La Paz provides a good jumping off point for any Bolivian adventure. Although its traffic-choked streets may not be to everyone's tastes, More...

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by Jo 1. September 2002 17:28

BoliviaThere is a certain appeal in entering a country by the backdoor. Especially if that backdoor is a wide open vast desert with nearly 6,000m-high peaks. The Bolivian border post, was just that, a post with a sign showing only two words on opposing sides - "Bolivia", where we were going, and if you turned round you could see "Chile". The passport stamp came only four days later in the first proper town.

The four days unaccounted for in my passport were spent in a jeep More...

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