All At Sea: Another Side of Paradise with Julian Sayarer: Stanfords Travel Writers Festival 2019

Former Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year winner, Julian Sayarer talks to Paul Blezard about his experiences on the small island of Surin, near the navel border of Thailand and Myanmar.

All at Sea by Julian Sayarer £9.99

Julian was initially brought to the area as an on-location writer for a crew filming a documentary about the indigenous people known as Moken ‘sea gypsies’. Events unfold in a reality strangely different to that version captured by the lens. In the quest for indigenous wisdom, cameras and tripods clutter bamboo huts, while fishing trips and dives are staged beneath the waves. With the quest for paradise seeming ever more artificial, Sayarer instead begins listening to the stories of Laurie, an old sailor, with a life on the water behind him, and in whose ship the crew sail out into the Andaman Sea.

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