Astronomically Good Gift Ideas

When you have visited everywhere that this magnificent planet has to offer, these books and gifts will help you make the right choices for some interstellar travel gift ideas.


Ad Astra: An Illustrated Guide to leaving the planet

A brilliant history/exploration of space travel cleverly laid out- answers all kinds of questions such as whether you will need a visa and explains the practicality of travelling to Mars. Also there is such a thing as ”mousestranauts”…..


Intergalactic Travel Bureau Vacation Guide to the Solar System

Now that you have been tempted to travel into space one question remains- which planet? This travel guide has all the answers: a quick trip to our Moon or a more far flung destination to see Neptune’s Rings.



Do you often sit on a plane and wonder just how it manages to hurtle through the air at such an impressive speed, and what the physics behind such a feat might be?  This book is a great introduction to the mechanics of getting off the ground- explaining the Apollo space program in wonderfully infographic chapters, detailing the equipment, the missions and the people who went to the Moon.


Ask an Astronaut

For even more information, straight from someone who knows exactly what it is like to leave this planet, all you have to do is ask an astronaut- and quite usefully Tim Peake has thought of all the things you might not think to ask such as what the worst part of the training is and most importantly: Can you drink a cup of tea in space?


Moon Map 

A highly useful map with an incredibly detailed index, this names more than 500 of the moon’s physical features such as the Copernicus crater and the Mare Tranquillitatis. For use from earth with telescope and binoculars…or perhaps for sightseeing on the moon itself.


Star Map

An attractive and practical map of the stars as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, with the added bonus of glowing in the dark! Detailed with pictures depicting the major constellations such as Leo and the mighty Orion.


The Solar System

A double sided poster: on one side is a colourful display of our solar systems planets, and on the other a handy guide to all of their orbits and various satellites such as Jupiter’s moons, and asteroids.

Illuminated Moon Globe

With National Geographic cartography of the moon’s surface, this illuminated globe makes a great addition to a night stand.

Celestial Vintage Tea Towel

This 100% cotton tea towel comes packaged in a drawstring muslin bag. The vintage image shows the solar system and comparative distances of the planets. Almost too good to use for drying dishes.

What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky 

Not strictly for children, this book is great for adults seeking to recapture the magic of youthful stargazing, as well as younger readers interested in learning about natural history and outer space, and those who appreciate beautiful, hand-painted art.


A Galaxy of her own: Amazing Stories of Women in Space

Illustrated accounts of 50 stories of remarkable women who conquered space, changing the world forever. From astronauts to scientists, lawyers to teachers, these women prove that the sky is not the limit.

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