Brutalist Paris Map

Paris in the spring. Do you know what goes really well with sunshine and flourishing flowers? Brutalism of course.

What does this say? It doesn’t say ‘Paris in the spring’ (see answer below)

The term Brutalism is said to have originated in the late 1950s from the French béton brut meaning ‘raw concrete’ so Paris is the perfect place to go on a tour of Brutalist architecture.

Sample image from other side of map

From arriving at the Brutalist Terminal 1 at Charles-de-Gaulles Airport there are plenty of other examples of Brutalism including social housing apartments and office blocks. This map provides information in both English and French that makes for a great city tour. Perfect if you want a break from the Art Deco architecture Paris is famous for.

Brutalist Paris Map £8.00

*It says ‘Paris in the the spring’ with two thes.


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