His and Hers Guide to the Globe: A New Travel Series

His and hers travelToday, Matt and Sharon Ward are leaving Australia for Singapore. Last month, the recently-married couple set off from their native Edinburgh on a honeymoon like no other. Having packed up and waved goodbye to their old lives, they’ll be travelling the world while writing a ‘his and hers guide to the globe’. As they begin the second leg of their adventure, Matt tells us more about the concept.

The His and Hers Guide to the Globe will offer a unique insight into some of the usual and more unusual holiday destinations across the world, from a ‘his and hers’ perspective. Whether it’s enjoying wine tasting in Perth’s Swan Valley, exploring Cambodia’s hidden temples or backpacking from San Francisco to Mexico, this series will supply a down-to-Earth assessment of what’s hot and what’s not.

Told through the eyes of a recently-married couple in their 30s, this travel guide will not only provide an open and honest opinion of what we discover and experience, it will also assist in answering any backpacking questions you may have ahead of your own adventure.

Matt and Sharon WardThis is not designed as a couples’ guide to travelling the world; rather it’s aimed at men and women who wish to travel with a partner, spouse, family member or friend. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or have money to burn, our regular posts will give you tips and pointers on what mode of transport is best for which country and which accommodation best suits your requirements.

Having started our trip from Edinburgh last month, we’re embarking on a less-than-traditional type of honeymoon as we methodically take in all aspects of travelling the world. Having spent Christmas and New Year on the west coast of Australia, we’re departing for Singapore before experimenting with trains, boats and buses en route to Malaysia, Thailand and its islands, Cambodia and Vietnam before catching a flight to Beijing.

Singapore skyline

From China we’ll be flying to the east coast of Australia and New Zealand’s North and South Islands before setting off for the west coast of America. After experiencing all that California has to offer we’ll be making our way to Mexico, Cuba, South America, South Africa and Morocco before arriving in Europe.

Once back on the continent, we’ll recharge our batteries before embarking on the final leg of what promises to be an extraordinary journey: an expedition through central Europe while on the lookout for a permanent home and somewhere new to rest our hats.

There’s a lot resting on our trip, and we hope you’ll join us as we travel from country to country – we’ll be blogging from each destination, so make sure you check the Stanfords Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates. Bon voyage!

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