Mappy Monday- European Railways

Which five European countries have no railways?

While you are guessing, we thought we’d show you this double-sided map poster from the graphic design studio Zero Per Zero of the European rail network.


In this map, some 30 European countries are presented in the image of Earth as seen from space.

Zero Per Zero

On the back, the major cities are as individual planets with the departing railway stations represented as craters.

Zero Per Zero

The destinations are moons linked to the crater with additional information including; night trains and accessing airports.

Zero Per Zero

This wall map is an ideal souvenir for someone who has been Interrailing or someone plotting a European railway adventure.

Zero Per Zero European Railway Poster £9.99


If you need a complete and detailed map of European rail networks we recommend this folding map:

Railmap EuropeRailmap Europe £14.50


Oh, and if you hadn’t already guessed, the five European countries without railways are:

Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta and San Marino.

(Vatican City has a whole 14.35 metres).

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