Mappy Monday- Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names

What’s in a name? Well lots of Bottoms as far as this map is concerned. There is Bushy Bottom, Great Bottom, Long Bottom, Breaky Bottom, Rough Grey Bottom, Burnt Bottom, Middleton Bottom, Charity Bottom, Puddington Bottom, Snail’s Bottom and Jolly’s Bottom to name just a few Bottoms.A2_OS_Classic.indd

We do love driving past rude place names so this wall map containing over 1400 funny, rude and silly sounding place names is right up our street.


There is a perfectly innocent explanation behind all this filth. Bottom is an Old English word for valley, while Pant is also another word for valley or hollow derived from Welsh. And in case you were wondering, Thong is an Old English name for a narrow strip of land.

OldSchoolMapClassic-01Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names £28.00

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