Merry Christmas Island

It wouldn’t be Christmas at Stanfords without a festive cartographic reference, and what could be more Christmassy than Christmas Island?

Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean and is 2623 kilometres north-west of Perth.

It was discovered by Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, an English East India Company vessel, who named the island when he sailed past it on Christmas Day in 1643.

The Island has a population of just over 2,000 so is largely undisturbed by human influences. Due to this, Christmas Island has many unique varieties of plants and wildlife and is of great interest to scientists.

It is 19 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide and has an area of 135,000 hectares. Just over 60% of the island is an Australian national park.

This is Christmas Island’s flag:



There are actually two Christmas Islands. The other Christmas Island, now known as Kiritimati is a Pacific Ocean raised coral atoll in the northern Line Islands, and part of the Republic of Kiribati. ‘Kiritimati’ is the Kiribati respelling of Christmas and is pronounced the same.

As well as these two islands, there is a Canadian community of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia that is also called Christmas Island. It has little except a Post Office that gets particularly busy before Christmas as people all over the world send items there to be reposted so that packages feature the delightful wreath postmark that says ‘Christmas Island’.


If you want to post someone Christmas Island, we sell these cards.  Christmas Island Cards – Edward Stanford (set of five) £5.99.

Alternatively, you could give them the world:







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