Our March Books of the Month

A pinch and a punch….

Not only is it the 1st day of the month, it is also St David’s Day, the start of Lent, Pancake Day Recovery Day and the day we announce our new books of the month. Here goes:

We can’t believe it has been a month since Julian Sayarer took home the globe trophy after winning the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards for his book Interstate. We think this is a really important piece of travel writing that captures this moment in time so well we couldn’t not make it our Book of the Month.

Interstate by Julian Sayarer £8.99In Interstate, Julian Sayarer finds himself at a loose end in New York after a documentary he was commissioned to do gets cancelled. He uses this thwarting of his plans as an excuse to hitchhike across America and sees the country from a different perspective than we are used to reading about in travel writing. Sayarer shows the more gritty side of towns and often the vastness of the landscape.

Sticker Picture Atlas of Europe by Jonothan Melmot & Brian Fitzgerald  £7.99


For the kids we have chosen this wonderful Sticker Atlas of Europe. Beautifully illustrated with famous landmarks, wildlife and other famous things from different countries. Maps show country names and capital cities with fascinating facts about each area. With over 350 stickers, we think this is a wonderfully interactive way to explore Europe.



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