Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Journey of a Lifetime Award

Ever wandered what it would be like to become truly immersed in another culture; taking part in local customs and traditions? This year Peter Geoghegan undertook his ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ in Mongolia, living with wrestlers in ger tents, learning about modern life in Mongolia and taking part in the annual ‘Naadam’ competition.

Peter Geoghegan trains with Mongolian wrestlers in the countrysideArmed with a microphone, and some steady nerves, Peter recorded his journey for a BBC Radio 4 broadcast; from the sounds of the camps in the Mongolian countryside to the roar of the bustling stadium.

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) are offering a £5,000 grant and the chance to record your ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ for a BBC Radio 4 documentary. If you have a curiosity about the world and an enthusiasm to share your discoveries with others through the medium of radio, see Journey of a Lifetime > to apply.

Application deadline 4th of October 2014.

Image: Peter Geoghegan trains with Mongolian wrestlers in the countryside, before travelling to Ulaanbaatar to take part in the annual Naadam competition. The wrestlers compete for the ultimate accolade – the title of ‘Undefeatable Giant of the Nation’.

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