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Lizzie, our Long Acre First-Floor Manager, talks about a few of her favourite things.

Rhinebeck Panorama of Nelson’s London 1806 Wall Map £7.99 (now £3.99)

This is an unusual map with a great perspective looking upstream with lots of interesting details. This gives a snapshot of what life was like in the capital in 1806. You can see people working and how busy the traffic on the Thames would have been. You can really see the bend in the River Thames or the “cierring” to use the Old English word from which the name Charing Cross is derived. See if you can spot the building on fire.

Snow by Marcus Sedgwick £12.00


This is literally a book about snow. Sedgwick taps into how we feel about snow and the memories it evokes. This is a really lovely, easy read that is not too scientific. He talks about hundreds of years worth of legends, including my favourite; the Snow Queen. He explains how many of these legends are derived from countries that rarely or never saw snow, it was an alien concept, so it lends itself to many stories about evil queens and enchanted forests. I love colder climates for literary settings and really like this author- I am lucky enough to have a very unique copy with a snowflake drawn by the man himself. This would make a great Christmas present or gift for someone who has a winter birthday.


Submergence by JM Ledgard £8.99


Because a love story between a spy and an oceanographer can only be amazing. I heard they were making this book into a film so I thought I would give it a read. It’s the first book i’ve read in a day for ages. Ledgard sets the scenes so perfectly. A hotel in France at Christmas time, captivity in Somalia, a submarine off the coast of Greenland are all settings that feature in this story told in snapshot memories. The narrative is gorgeous and effortlessly switches. His description of elements is done beautifully.

North Circumpolar Region Wall Map £29.99


I have a soft spot for maps that show the true size of Greenland and give props to the circumpolar region.  This map shows us just how far north things are. Ireland is at the same latitude as Newfoundland. If you want to see a great example of wonderful cartography, just check out the ocean floor relief around Greenland. The projection is azimuthal which is often shown with polar region taking centre stage.

See here for more on North Pole and South Pole centred maps.


Almost French: A New Life in Paris by Sarah Turnbull £8.99


This was one of the first travel writing books I ever read and it has been a favourite ever since. Turnbull conveys how she felt while traveling in such a witty, honest yet humble way. If you’ve ever felt homesick, you would relate to her story and draw great comfort from it. She tells an amazing tale of how random chance encounters set up an extraordinary chain of events, that is so often the case when travelling in new places.


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  1. Lizzie,
    Thanks for the generous take on Submergence – pointed out by my agent. Hope to pop in one day. The film version by Wim Wenders is now in post-production.

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