Stanfords' Staff Top Gifts for Christmas

With just one week to go until Christmas we asked the staff in our Long Acre store what gifts they’d recommend this Christmas. Take a look at their top picks below:

David, Buying Team:

London Postcode District Jigsaw

Sometimes mixing design, maps and fun works – this is one of those times!

Tim, Customer Services Team:

Britain’s Worst Walks

Christmas would definitely not be Christmas without a book of this ilk to fill the stocking of the most cynical of relatives. This is a stroll through humdrum Britain in all its wet, cold and miserable glory, complete with doom-laden photography, depressing asides and snidy sketch maps for the 13 walks. A wonderful parody of the walking guide genre, Britain’s Worst Walks will light up the face of many a Scrooge this Christmas morning.

 Tabi, Accounts Team:

The Charleston Classic Illuminated Globe

I’d recommend the Charleston Illuminated Globe as a gift as I bought if for my daughter’s birthday present and she loved it! She has learned a lot about the globe and the countries and they also make a beautiful night light in any room!!

Claudia, Web Team:

Round the World in Eighty Dishes 

A great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. It is a powerful mix of history, cultures and places and was first written in 1956. Lesley Blanch tells us anecdotes and recipes of dishes she experienced in her travels back in the 1920s.  

Mark, Long Acre Retail Team

Pocket Beer Book 2014

This book is a comprehensive guide to beers all over the world. I’ve bought this for my Dad as we both enjoy beer and I thought he would appreciate it!

Football Association 150th Anniversary London Tube Wall Map

Such a great gift for any football fan – the perfect combination of football and cartography!

Roisin, Web Team:

Mapping the First World War

I’ve bought this for my Dad for Christmas as he’s very interested in the First World War. This book has over 150 maps and lots of unique photographs from the trenches giving an illustrated history of the war. With the huge amount of WWI books out right now he’s been very easy to buy for this year! 

Travels Light – Air Balloon

The new model hot air balloons make fantastic gifts for kids. I’ve bought the rainbow coloured one for my friend’s daughter and I think she’ll love it as they are so colourful!

Tony, Managing Director:


For those of you who are stuck for that ideal, last minute gift idea may I suggest Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts – a mammoth read at 944 pages – but well worth it! Set in the early 80’s Gregory David Roberts was an armed robber and heroin addict who escaped from an Australian prison to India. Here he lived in a Bombay slum where he established a free health clinic and also joined the mafia, working as a money launderer, forger and street soldier. This is an absolutely thrilling, and, at times, harrowing, read – which I highly recommend.

Aaron, Buying Team:

Stonehenge and Avebury – Exploring the World Heritage Site map

Brand new and an excellent Christmas present for all map enthusiast for exploring our pre-Christian heritage. Includes the new visitors centre.

London’s Women Artists Plan

Just arrived in store, this features biographies and portraits of 13 women artists who lived in London, plus a street plan showing locations where they lived.

Easter Island- The Desktop Heads

Stone Heads of Easter Island that gaze mystically out over your office or living room … they let friends, family, and co-workers know of the impressive site that is your desk.

Lesya, Accounts Team:

Illuminated Solar System

The Solar system mobile is a perfect gift for my son this Christmas. I am sure he will love it and he will feel proud to invite his friends around to show off his new solar lights!  

Lukasz L, Fulfilment Team:


Love it or hate it? There’s so much more to brutalist architecture and anything built in the second half of the 20th century. A perfect gift for anyone interested in the post-war architecture and how it shaped towns and cities, and the modern British society.

Barbara, Web Team:

Stanfords Tourist Map of Europe in 1928

I find this map not only beautiful but extremely interesting, as it shows the European countries before WW2: a few countries, such as Germany,Poland and Italy show very different boundaries, while others didn’t exist as independent states.  

Paul, Buying Team:

Empire Antarctica

A captivating personal account of 14 months spent on this extraordinary and staggering continent. A wonderful read for anyone fascinated by Antarctica.

Julio, Fulfilment Team:

Happy Flight Passport Cover Red

Whenever we go travelling my partner keeps losing his passport so this Christmas I’m getting him this red passport holder. With a colour this bright there’s no chance of him losing it again!

Lukasz G, Fulfilment Team:

Great British Bake off

I’m buying this for my wife this Christmas as it’s one of our favourite shows. I’m hoping she’ll be inspired to try out some of the recipes!

Mina, Accounts Team:

Melbourne Derby Cane Green

The walking sticks make a great gift for older family members. I recently bought one for my dad and he loved it! He’s been showing it off to all his friends


And for those who never like their gifts why not give them the Geology and geomorphology of Deception Island this year!

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