Astronomically Good Gift Ideas

When you have visited everywhere that this magnificent planet has to offer, these books and gifts will help you make the right choices for some interstellar travel gift ideas.

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Map of Lapland

There are two schools of thought as to where Santa lives. Some say the North Pole, while others claim he lives in Lapland. Perhaps he lives between the two and has a condo in Lapland and an estate in the North Pole. Although, how he manages to afford both of those and only work one night a year is hard to believe. But that is literally the only thing about him that is hard to believe. Right?

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North Pole and South Pole centred maps

Tis the season….

This time of year the North Pole gets a lot of attention so we thought we would show you one of our maps from this region. Read More North Pole and South Pole centred maps