The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, The Clash, Oasis, Tom Jones Chaz and Dave……the list goes on… and on. Great Britain has raised a few musical greats over the years and it’s also given them lots of great places to play including amazing music festivals and live music venues. This Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick’s Great British Music Map covers a lot of music history from the well known to the slightly obscure. Read More THIS MAP ROCKS!

The Art of Cartographics: Designing the Modern Map

We’ve seen so many different types of cartography in our time. From the archive replicas in our map room to illustrated maps by new artists. It’s so interesting to see how it is evolving as an art and how different people interpret maps differently. The Art of Cartographics is a collection of maps that showcases the most creative and interesting design projects from around the world. It features geographical maps, fictional maps and fresh and innovative approaches to cultural, economic and political maps. Here is a glimpse of what’s inside: Read More The Art of Cartographics: Designing the Modern Map

Mappy Monday: Earth from Space

This is a favourite new addition to our galaxy of globes (yes, we decided that the collective noun for globes is a galaxy).

Using NASA satellite images of Earth from space, this inflatable globe is unlike the physical and political globes we are used to seeing. Just look at the swirling atmospheric cloud cover. Read More Mappy Monday: Earth from Space

Mercator vs Peters. The battle of projections

There was some big news in the map world last week as schools in Boston began to replace Mercator projection maps for the more proportionally accurate Peters projection (read the full article here). Read More Mercator vs Peters. The battle of projections