Happy Put Hearts Everywhere Day

It would be a crime if we let this day pass without showing some love for this 1536 cordiform (cor= heart in Latin) map of the world by the French mathematician and cartographer Oronce Fine. This particular projection is from the Pseudoconic family and is often know as Werner projection after the German mathematician Johannes Warner (1466-1528). Distances are correct from one pole and also along all parallels and the central meridian.

Oronce Fine 1494-1555


If you are interested in a more modern cordiform map, check out this map of the New York City Railway System:

Reworking the subway system into a heart shape, this Zero Per Zero map is inspired by the iconic ‘I heart NY’ logo by Milton Glaser.

Oh, and we sell it as a mouse mat.

Mappy Valentine’s Day.


North Pole and South Pole centred maps

Tis the season….

This time of year the North Pole gets a lot of attention so we thought we would show you one of our maps from this region. Read More North Pole and South Pole centred maps