Stanford’s Folio Smaller Railway Map of the United States (1876)

The Stanford’s Smaller Railway Map of the United States is from a fascinating series of reproductions from our Edward Stanford Cartographic Collection archive. This map was originally published in 1876, the year the United States celebrated its centennial. Read More Stanford’s Folio Smaller Railway Map of the United States (1876)

Our March Books of the Month

A pinch and a punch….

Not only is it the 1st day of the month, it is also St David’s Day, the start of Lent, Pancake Day Recovery Day and the day we announce our new books of the month. Here goes: Read More Our March Books of the Month

Western Montana

Montana is a state of two halves. The eastern (much larger) part of the state is dominated by the vast rolling landscapes of the great plains, more similar to the Dakotas or Kansas than to any of the states to the west. The western part is dominated by massive mountain chains, including the mighty Rockies. Read More Western Montana

Mount St. Helens

It was my second attempt to see Mount St Helens. First time, more than a decade ago, the weather was so bad that we only managed to reach the first visitor centre located at Silver Lake, 30 miles from the mountain itself. There we were told that there was no point of going any further as due to dense fog and heavy rain the visibility was near zero and even from the furthest viewpoint up the road you couldn’t see the mountain.

Read More Mount St. Helens

Steve Boggan and David Reynolds

When author Steve Boggan heard there may still be gold in them thar hills, he grabbed his pick and pan and set off for the California hills. He shares stories from his first hand experience (not) striking it rich, and shed light on the rich seam of history that links the new breed of modern prospectors with the Argonauts of the first Gold Rush. In conversation with David Reynolds. Read More Steve Boggan and David Reynolds

The 5 scariest places on the planet

Just in time for Halloween – head off on a terrifying trip to one of these five frightening locations IF YOU DARE! Read More The 5 scariest places on the planet

Civil War Reading

Today let me recommend two good books about a pivotal event in US history, the American Civil War. Both of these books are rather hefty volumes (totalling over 1600 pages between them) which makes the ongoing winter evenings a perfect time to tackle them. Read More Civil War Reading