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From religious festivals with added snakes to dogs at polling stations, it’s been quite a week. There has also been some news not featuring animals. The Travel news is in.

Italy’s festival of snakes takes place

As far as weird and wonderful festivals go, this one is way up there. In the Abruzzan hamlet of Cocullo on the first Thursday in May they celebrate the feast of St Dominic, their patron saint who is said to offer protection from snake bites. Live snakes and religious icons are paraded through the streets. The annual Processione dei Serpari is believed to banish venomous snakes from the area.

If you want to plan a charming extended bank holiday break in Cocullo next year read more about the festival at

Want to get married at Disneyland?

Image from Disney Weddings
Image from Disney Weddings

If you have always dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding, your dream can literally come true now as Disneyland Florida has started doing wedding ceremonies. The website states; “Not only does Cinderella Castle provide a stunning backdrop for your nuptials, but you can arrive to your ceremony in style with Cinderella’s Coach.”

Do you have your tiara ready? Set the date at

Space left in your luggage? New app turns travellers into couriers

Here is a new app that is not nearly as dodgy as it sounds. Airmule is billed as a worldwide personal courier service offering person to person express shipping. The idea is that instead of using a postal service you look for people travelling to where you need to send something and they deliver it for you. The app offers insurance, tracking and group chats. It would save on stamps but we’re not  sure the first thing we’d want to do with jet lag is deliver a package.

Britain votes and #DogsAtPollingStations trends

Tweet by @WiganCouncil
Tweet by @WiganCouncil

Britain went to the polls yesterday and, as always, it was #dogsatpollingstations that won the internet over. Pictures of pooches exercising their democratic privilege while out for walkies were plentiful.

We love an excuse to post a picture of a dog patiently waiting for its human.






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