Wish We Were

…Swimming 🏊

Finally the British summer has sorted its life out and we’ve all got that sunshine and warmth we’ve been wishing for. Now let’s all complain about how it’s too hot and crank up the air con.


We have found that flicking through books about swimming is a great way to cool down so here are our five favourites:

Swimming London – The 50 Best Pools, Lidos, Lakes and Rivers From Around the Capital Β£12.99


A celebration and history of the 50 best pools in London including lidos, health centres and public pools.


Waterlog by Roger Deakin Β£9.99


Roger Deakin’s celebration of the aquatic jewels Britain has to offer. Swimming through the British Isles, Deakin’s swims included a whirlpool in Jura often visited by George Orwell.


Wild Swimming with Walks: 28 River, Lake and Seaside Days Out by Train from London Β£14.99


Pack your swimmers and head out of town to immerse yourself in nature following these wild swimming walks in the countryside of southern England.


Wild Swimming Spain: Discover the Most Beautiful Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls of Spain Β£15.99


Plan a swimming holiday in Spain with this photo rich guide to over 150 places to swim and explore around the country.


Dip: Wild Swims from the Borderlands Β£8.99


Andrew Fusek Peters shares his very personal story about how wild swimming helped him overcome depression.


Don’t forget your towel.

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