Wish we were

…down the pub hanging out with these cats.

What time does the pub open? This new book introducing some of London’s finest pub cats is, well, it’s a book about pubs AND cats. I mean really, what more could you want on a rainy day like today?


There’s Betty and Beyoncé at the Rose and Crown in Clapham, Horacio and Woddy at the Trinity Arms in Brixton, Legz at the Charlotte Despard in Archway and so many more. Vicky Lane has written the stories behind each cat including interviews (with people, not the cats) and a review of the pub. Accompanied by Tim White’s wonderful photography that beautifully captures the cats at home in their pubs.


I think we will be flicking this book a lot. It’s become our happy place.


London Pubcats £9.99

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