Wish we were

In Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest.

This weekend is the 61st Eurovision Song Contest and while it is responsible for many people knowing the flags of European countries and how to say ‘nil points’ in different languages it is also responsible for ‘What continent is Australia in?’ becoming a popular Google search.

Last year Australia was invited to enter in celebration of the contest’s 60th anniversary. The network that broadcasts the show in Australia is an associate of the European Broadcasting Union and it has been aired in the country for over 30 years. Their entry placed 5th and after a governing body unanimously voted for them to take part in this year’s contest, there is talk of them becoming a permanent fixture in Eurovision.

In Stockholm right now there is a Eurovision Song Contest exhibition on at the ABBA Museum. Hardcore Eurovision fans will know that the Swedish band ABBA won the contest in 1974 with their entry Waterloo.

Aside from Eurovision mania, Sweden’s capital has plenty to offer. This pocket sized guide by Lonely Planet is ideal for a weekend away.


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