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Stanfords offer 3 distinctive online services:

Stanfords Portal

Stanfords Portal – download maps/data online through our Planning Portal accredited site.


GIS Platform

Stanfords GIS  for property asset management. Acts as a hosting service for your own datasets or a delivery tool for your own services.



beforeUdig  for customers requiring an efficient and inexpensive utilities search service. Available now online through Stanfords Portal. 



Whilst product information can be found on the relevant product page, we have created a separate Userguides page to support all our Stanfords Portal self-serve customers. If you require telephone support please contact our Service Centre on 0845 880 3730 between 9.00 a.m and 6 p.m monday to friday.

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Stanfords is one of the country's leading suppliers of map, height and imagery data and offer two web mapping services – Stanfords Portal for mapping and data orders and Stanfords GIS for property asset management. An Ordnance Survey Premier Partner, we are one of only four suppliers to gain Planning Portal Accreditation and we also secured UK exclusivity for the Land & Property sector from beforeUdig, an efficient and inexpensive Utilities search service. Established in 1853 we have a long-standing reputation for excellence.

  • Planning application maps
  • OS dxf/dwg for CAD/ GIS
  • beforeUdig utilities search service
  • Below there are links to individual product pages as well as a menu to help customers navigate by user type (architect/ surveyor/ homeowner e.t.c). As you would expect, all maps/plans and data purchased through Stanfords are current and in copyright and in the main support the following applications:

    • Planning applications (conservatories/extensions/change of use/signage).
    • Architectural drawings
    • Plans for surveys
    • Property Asset Management (GIS)
    • Dynamic delivery of customers' own datasets as a geo-referenced layer (GIS)
    • Online map viewing and print services for pre-paid data layers (GIS)
    • Property development for feasibility studies
    • House building projects
    • Traffic & Highway management
    • Railways
    • Telecoms (acquisition & design)
    • Environmental planning
    • Conveyancing

    Visit our Best Practice Maps page if you require information about which Ordnance Survey Licence is relevant to you. If you are unsure as to whether your project requires planning permission visit our Planning Portal Support page

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    Environmental Reports & Historic Mapping

    1. GroundSure Environmental reports
    2. Historical Mapping
    3. JBA Flood Data