An Evening with Leon McCarron

An Evening with Leon McCarron
  • Date: Wednesday 4th October
  • Time:
  • Location: London Store
  • Tickets: £4

Join us at Stanfords as Leon McCarron discusses his new book The Land Beyond: A Thousand Miles on Foot through the Heart of the Middle East.

There are many reasons why it might seem unwise to walk, mostly alone, through the Middle East. That, in part, is exactly why Leon McCarron did it.

Following a series of wild hiking trails, ancient trading routes and traversing some of the most contested landscapes in the world, The Land Beyond charts Leon McCarron’s journey through the Holy Land: from Jerusalem to Jordan and the deserts of the Sinai. McCarron paints a stunning picture of the region’s rich history, uncertain present, myriad faiths and its people. McCarron’s accounts of the conversations and encounters with local guides and the ordinary people he meets along the way are entertaining and affecting, showcasing the unique hospitality intrinsic to the region’s culture. A tribute to the humbling and immersive art of walking, this quest reveals the everyday reality of the Middle East and its people, who have been for too long misunderstood.