The Crossway - An Evening with Guy Stagg

The Crossway - An Evening with Guy Stagg
  • Date: Wednesday, 20th June
  • Time:
  • Location: Bristol Store
  • Tickets: £4

Guy Stagg travelled 5,500km on foot from Canterbury to Jerusalem, through ten countries and over ten months in a meditative, secular pilgrimage; a search for meaning and the author's attempt to walk his way back to health and stability.

The Crossway is an account of the changing landscapes and the people he met over those ten months hiking, following medieval pilgrim paths, climbing over the Alps in midwinter, spending Easter in Rome with a new pope, surviving mass protests in Turkey and a terrorist attack in Lebanon. Alone and unassisted, he stayed each night with monks and nuns, priests and families, relying entirely on the generosity of strangers. The book tells also the story of the many soldiers and saints, missionaries and martyrs who travelled this way before him, and asks whether religion and its rituals can still have meaning and consolation for those who do not believe.