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Around Switzerland in 80 Maps

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A truly magical and engrossing journey across Switzerland's history

A map is the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain. This book achieves both of these goals and provide a detailed picture of Switzerland. Diccon Bewes’ search for original maps led him through official archives and private collections. The results are presented here, along with the fascinating stories behind them: from the circular island map of 1480 to the birth of modern Swiss cartography; from the British rail plan for Switzerland to a Soviet map of Basel during the Cold-War; from the 1970s Zurich map for men to the vision of a Greater Switzerland with 40 cantons.
Map by map, we understand how Switzerland came to be and possibly where it is going. A truly magical and engrossing journey.

Diccon Bewes is the most Swiss of all Englishmen. Before becoming a best-selling author, he worked as a travel journalist in London and as a bookseller in Bern.

In this new edition, the content stays the same as for the previous edition. What's new ? The paperback for a more convenient use and a lower price.

• Discover and rediscover Switzerland's history through the maps
• The variety of illustrations
• The paperback for a convenient use

ISBN/EAN: 9782940481309
Author: Diccon Bewes
Publication Date: 27/09/2018
Size: 23.2 x 33 x 2.2 cm
Product Type: Paperback
Number of Pages: 226
Publisher: Helvetiq

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