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Botswana - Culture Smart!

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Botswana in the Culture Smart range of pocket-sized guide books; providing detailed information on local customs, culture, etiquette and manners and ensuring that visitors are prepared for a diverse range of social environments. The series covers an extensive number of countries worldwide and are designed both for those working and living abroad, as well as for visitors who do not want to offend, either intentionally or inadvertently. Their aim is to prevent readers from making embarrassing mistakes and feel confident in unfamiliar situations, while preparing them before arrival on what to expect and how to behave.

Each guide is arranged thematically, with dedicated individual chapters on land and people, values and attitudes, customs and traditions, making friends, people at home, ‘time-out’, travelling and communicating. There is also a separate chapter for business travelers, with important information on subjects such as business culture, meetings and making appointments. A Further Reading section also offers a list of recommended other history, travel literature and language titles available on the country.

ISBN/EAN: 9781857333404
Author: Main, Michael
Publication Date: 15/10/2006
Size: 108x171mm
Product Type: Paperback
Number of Pages: 168
Publisher: Kuperard

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