A Death In Tokyo: A Mystery

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In this mind-bending sequel from the international bestselling author Keigo Higashino, Tokyo Police Detective Kaga finds himself forced to try and makes sense of a most unusual murder.
In the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo an unusual statue of a Japanese mythic beast - a kirin - stands guard over the district from the classic Nihonbashi bridge. Late at night, the body of a murdered man, stabbed in the chest, is found on the bridge, under the statue of the winged beast. However, that was not the crime scene - the man was killed a few hundred feet away and his body moved to that position. The same night, a young man named Yashima is injured in a car accident attempting to flee from the police. Found on him is the wallet of the murdered man. The two have no known connection.

Tokyo Police Detective Kyoichiro Kaga is assigned to the team investigating the murder - and must bring his skills to bear to uncover what actually happened that night on the Nihonbashi bridge. Why was the murder victim moved? What, if any, connection is there between the murdered man and Yashima, the young man caught with his wallet? Kaga's investigation takes him down dark roads and into the unknown past to uncover what really happened and why.

Wings of the Kirin is another mind-bending mystery from the modern master of classic crime, finalist for both an Edgar Award and a CWA Dagger, the internationally bestselling Keigo Higashino.
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Author Higashino, Keigo
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Department Literature
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781250905291
Pages 368
Published 15/01/2024
Publisher St Martin's Press
Section Literature
Series The Kyoichiro Kaga Series
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