Alto Mugello - Appennino Bolognese Edizione Multigraphic 25

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Hiking map with local footpaths and long-distance routes
Alto Mugello, map no. 25, in a series of walking maps covering the Ligurian Alps and the coast, the crest of the Apennines along the border of Tuscany with its neighbouring regions, and parts of Tuscany itself. Most maps have contours at 25-metre intervals, with colouring for forests and some relief shading. The cartography is rather old fashioned and sometimes not as clear as in other map series but for many areas, especially for parts of Tuscany, these are the only hiking maps available.

An overprint highlights hiking paths, including all the popular long-distance routes such as Garfagnana Trekking, Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and the GEA, Grande Escursione Appenninica, the main path over the crests of the Apennines. The overprint also shows campsites and, where appropriate, mountain refuges and other types of alpine accommodation. Most of the maps are double-sided, as indicated by the map number. Each map covers approximately 26 x 17km / 16 x 11 miles per side. Some of the maps indicate latitude and longitude at the map corners, but with longitude sometimes based on Rome rather than Greenwich. Map legends vary, most maps include English.

*In this title:* countours are at 25m intervals. Interesting location as prominently highlighted. The map has no geographical coordinates. Map legend includes English.
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Department Italy
Format Folded Map
ISBN 9788874650361
Publisher Edizioni Multigraphic
Reference 25
Scale 1:25,000
Section Italian Maps
Series Italy: Edizioni Multigraphic 25K Walking Maps of Central Italy
Size Folded 12.5x20.5
Size Unfolded 98x69cm
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