American War for Independance - Battles of the Revolutionary Bella Terra War Map

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Clear map of the southern USA, annotated with information about the civil war, battlefields, etc.
National Geographic’s double-sided map presenting on one side The American War of Independence 1775 - 1783, with on the reverse the War of 1812 fought to resolve many issues outstanding from the earlier conflict. Both maps cover the territory from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, including northern Florida and the border regions of Canada, and indicate present day state names and boundaries. The base map shows main geographical features, as well as names of Indian tribes and of significant Indian settlements.

The American War of Independence map shows the area of the 13 American Colonies and the British lands beyond them, indicating directions of military movements and battle sites. Enlargements present in greater detail the New York - New Jersey - Philadelphia region and the Chesapeake Bay, and the surrounding text provides more information on subject such as the Saratoga campaign, the invasion of the Canadian territories, etc. Also provided is a panel showing the North Atlantic and the conflicts between the European states over colonial possessions.

The reverse side has a map showing military engagements during the 1812 war, declared by the United States over outstanding issues such as trade restrictions brought about by Britain's continuing war with France, the impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support o Indian tribes against American expansion, possible American interest in annexing Canada, etc. Enlargements show the Chesapeake Bay area and military battles along both ends of Lake Eire, with another panel presenting the North Atlantic.

This title is also available as a wall map, either in a paper version or encapsulated for greater durability.
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