Ancient Rome: An Illustrated History

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An authoritative account of Ancient Rome, its political and military history, art, architecture and culture, sumptously illustrated throughout with 1000 photographs and reproductions, chronicling the story of the most important and influential civilisation the world has ever known.
The legacy of Ancient Rome shapes the world we inhabit today. The history of Rome - as a tiny primitive kingdom, as an ever-growing republic, as a world-ruling empire dominating the known world - is still influential. The first half of this book focuses on the political and military history of Rome.

The assassination of Julius Caesar, Nero fiddling while Rome burns, the building of Hadrian's Wall - the truth behind these and many other events are revealed in this account of the rise and fall of a mighty empire. The second part of the book focuses on Rome's influence on the development of world art, architecture and society. Detailed drawings of the Colosseum and other World Heritage buildings reveal Roman techniques and architectural styles.

Ancient letters, records and artworks are used to show how real people lived and worked during one of the cultural peaks of world history. With its magnificent combination of photographs, plans and illustrations, and an authoritative and absorbing text, this is the perfect reference guide for any student of history, archaeology and the classical world. It will provide inspiration for anyone planning to visit Italy or other sites in the once-great Roman Empire.
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Author Rodgers, Nigel
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Department Travel Writing
Format Hardback
ISBN 9780754834205
Pages 512
Published 29/09/2017
Publisher Lorenz Books
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