Antarctica Maps International Wall Map ENCAPSULATED

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Antarctica at 1:7,000,000 on a large wall map from Maps International, size 120 x 100cm (3ft 11” x 3ft 4” approx) – encapsulated version, showing topography, territorial claims, research stations, major exploration routes, etc.

Coverage is within the latitude of 60°, extending beyond it to include South Georgia and the southern tip of South America.

The map presents Antarctica with contour lines, relief shading and plenty of names of various topographic features: mountain ranges, peaks, etc. In the surrounding oceans the extent of the summer and winter ice sheet is shown. Boundaries of different territorial claims are clearly marked, as are locations of scientific bases, indicating those with aircraft or helicopter landing facilities.

Also marked are the routes of the four most important expeditions in early 20th century: Scott’s 1902-1903 and 1911-1912, Shackleton’s 1908-1909 and Amundsen’s 1911-1912. Surrounding panels provide more information about various aspects of Antarctica.

* This title is also available on paper without the encapsulation or on hanging strips.

- *laminated* wall maps have a thin layer of plastic usually applied to the printed side only. They can be written on with suitable marker pens without any damage to the map but, unless laminated on both sides, they are not damp-proof.

- *encapsulated* wall maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic. They are more rigid and heavier than laminated maps of the same size. They are damp-proof and do not crinkle in humid conditions. Encapsulation gives the map a shiny surface, similar to being displayed behind glass.

- *please note:* many publishers and retailers often use these two terms interchangeably. Our map titles and descriptions follow the definitions provided above.
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Weight 0.000000
Availability IP
Department Flat Maps
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN 9781904892076
Published 24/11/2020
Publisher Maps International
Reference 2
Scale 1:7,000,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Series Antarctica: Maps International Wall Maps
Size Unfolded 120x100cm
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