Stanfords Asset Management System (SAMS) is an easy to use online mapping system for organisations that own/manage property portfolios in mainland UK.

If location is key to your business, use our system to map and query your property data to see how properties and locations perform and see a true picture of what is happening across your portfolio.

With the flexibility to upload any property information and documents, SAMS is ideal for use by Housing Associations as an Asset & Liability Register system; our SAMS Report tool allows interrogation of Asset Data and visualisation of locations and Asset Data queries over multiple levels of mapping.

The system is extremely user-friendly, targeted at PC users of all abilities – meaning you don’t have to be a technical expert to use it.

Ideal for use by any organisation with large Property Portfolios including: Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Private Landlords, Property Management Companies, Hotel Groups, Pub Groups, Retail Groups, Business Parks, Schools, Care Homes, Hospitals.

System Features & Benefits include:

  • Unlimited system user access from any location for one annual fee.
  • Upload and analyse any Property, Leasehold and Security data.
  • View your property locations for stock rationalisation decisions.
  • Add Title Boundary and Land Ownership layers, query the size of these areas to view potential development opportunities within existing ownership.
  • Draw and measure Grounds Maintenance areas and produce map prints and data tables for tenders cost checking and accurate service charging to tenants.
  • Create a central document store for all your key property documentation.
  • Query any of your property management information and view these reports over the mapping for improved decision making e.g. schedules of works/repairs for efficiencies, customer satisfaction survey results, ASB instances for analysis by location.
Stanfords Asset Management System (SAMS)

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