Atlas, Schmatlas - A Superior Atlas of the World

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The silliest, satirically, comprehensive atlas of the world.
Like Geography and love Monty Python silliness? Then this is for you!

“Atlas, Schmatlas” is an absolutely silly, satirical, yet oddly informative and comprehensive atlas of the world. Written and illustrated by Craig Robinson, who got a D in his O level geography exams, “Atlas, Schmatlas” has over 250 entries covering the globe; filled with colourful maps, graphs, illustrations of notable figures and famous residents, even a quiz to test your knowledge of the nations of West Africa.

Chock full of historical, geographical, and also totally untrue information, this book will teach you a thing or two about the world around you through it’s satirical tone and illustrations, taking stereotypes and using them to make hilarious, yet starkingly realised observations.

You’ll learn that: Chad is the place you should go if you want to take photographs of sand; Central America is the region of the world where your dreams might be realised if you want a career as a CIA-backed military dictator; and Saint Peter and Paul Rocks are the 12 little volcanic islands located between Africa and Brazil where the Brazilians dump all that waxed-off hair.

Isn’t learning fun?
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Author Craig Robinson
Availability IP
Format Hardback
Pages 128
Published 01/10/2007
Publisher Abrams Image
Size Unfolded 23x29x2cm
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