The Travel News- 14th October 2016

A robot suitcase, Poland gets a glow-in-the-dark cycle path, Lithuanian buses get an artistic makeover and some wonderful hand-drawn London transport maps. It’s this week’s travel news.


A suitcase with a mind of its own

Image: Travelmate Robotics
Image: Travelmate Robotics

Bored of struggling with bags at the airport? Here is a new hands-free suitcase that could make travelling a lot more chilled. The Travelmate is an autonomous suitcase that moves by itself and follows you through crowds, adjusting to your speed. It even has a USB charger and a tracker.

Fancy a robot suitcase?

Poland gets a glow-in-the-dark cycle path


JEALOUS. In northern Poland, near Lidzbark Warminski they are trialling a new kind of eco-friendly cycle path. Powered by the sun, luminophores charge during the day and create a blue glow when it gets dark. Excuse us while we book plane tickets for us and our bikes.

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Lithuanian busses get an artistic makeover

Image: Vilnius Street Art Festival

As part of the Vilnius Street Art Festival, artists have wrapped trolleybuses with images of the surrounding landscape to make it look like the buses were blending in with their surroundings. The images include elements of significance to Lithuanian culture including a wolf from a medieval folk tale.

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Hand-drawn London transport maps


A former tube employee and map collector who also draws his own maps including this wonderful map of London’s bus routes in 1936 has had his work featured in a series of films. You can see Phil Roe’s maps in Collecting Lines by Zineb Sedira.

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